Thursday, 24 August 2017

Completed paintings: Nightingale and Greenfinches

by Amanda

 I've been very busy getting ready for my exhibition but I now have a little bit of time to update!

The Nightingales are leaving our woods now, and are on their way south for the winter. Going back a few months, I began my Nightingale painting with some quite sweeping strokes. My painting style is usually fairly tight, and I can't say what exactly prompted me to take a different approach with the swirl-like brushstrokes in the foliage. Maybe I had in mind the energy of the song I had heard on that drizzly May evening.

As you walk by the painting, the light catches the swirled strokes in quite a dimensional way. (Tough to capture in a photo!)

I quite recently finished both this painting, and the Greenfinches that I began back in March:

Here they are in their frames. The gold coloured one was purchased without a picture in mind, but once I had begun the Nightingale painting I knew it would be a perfect match!

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