Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Amanda's Exhibition Report & the next stages...

by Amanda

 A quick report from my exhibition, which opened on 2nd Sept - one week in and it's off to a fantastic start!

Eight of the artworks for the Corby and Migration project are on the wall in the exhibition. They have had a fantastic reception so far, and a great response to the project and the Charter as well. (There is a Charter log book on the table that will stay throughout the exhibition; thanks to all who have signed it so far!)

The eight completed paintings...

A shot from the preview evening, which was a great success with lots of people to meet and chat to!

The last two paintings for the project are currently in progress. More to be revealed very soon.
All ten paintings will be displayed at an end-of-project exhibition at the Rooftop Arts Centre in Corby, Weds 18th - Sat 28th October.

Myself and Warren Shaw are also bringing together plans for the accompanying workshops, to be held at the end of October. Lots more news to come very shortly!

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